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           Here’s what’s in your “Posha’s

           Pawsitively Pawsome Program!”

           Workshop Kit:

                 1     Welcome Letter from Kathy, Kelly and Posha DiMario.

                 2     Table of Contents

                 3     Parent or Guardian Letter to introduce concepts of workshop
                       and two pre-workshop family activities to introduce workshop
                       concepts to families.

                 4     Downloadable picture of Posha.
                 5     Pre-Engagement Activities tied to the Core Standards can
                       be used as fun activities by the students to really get to
                       know Posha.

                 6     STEM Activity

                 7     Song lyrics for Karaoke to sing “I want to go to the dog park.”

                 8     Link for instrumental singing of Posha’s song.

                 9     PDF of the book for reading.

                10     PowerPoint and lesson plan for group discussion

                11     Pawsitively Pawsome Activity Sheet to sum up curriculum.

                12     Paws Up for Me Activity Sheet

                13     Pawsome Award Certificate

                14     Digital Bookmark

                 This workshop is systematic, thorough, engaging and easy to follow. Your student(s) will
                 have fun as well as learn important concepts of self-identity to help them build self-esteem.

                 The license you purchased permits you to reproduce all parts of this workshop for use by
                 your school or homeschooling entity. You are not given permission to reproduce for other
                 schools or homeschooling entities.

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