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           PosHA’s PAWsitively PAWsome ProgrAm
           Welcome to Posha’s Pawsitively

           Pawsome Facilitator team

                Lin-Manual Miranda, Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Grammy winning author
                and composer of 'Hamilton' honored our book by saying, "Kathleen...The
                work that you do is commendable and admirable. Thank you for being the
                hero to hundreds of children who read it."

            My daughter Kelly and I wrote, “What Kind of Dog Am I?” using her adorable rescue dog
            “Posha” to teach children that identity is more than just the “name” people use to define us.
            Just like Posha, who found her “furever family”, the answer to the question “Who Am I?” is not
            found in a “name”, but found in a child’s “forever family”, the people they love and the people
            who love them.  Although Posha is a rescued dog, she is incredibly happy, loves herself and
            loves her dog mommy. She makes everyone who meets her happy.
            The moral of this book and the workshop is to bolster children›s self-esteem by addressing the
            concept of self-identity. Through the work of Erik Erickson, the renowned child psychologist,
            research has shown that a child›s strong positive self-identity correlates with higher self-esteem.
            According to the «Encyclopedia of Child›s Health», children who have higher self-esteem, have
            an easier time handling conflicts, resisting negative pressures and making friends. They laugh and
            smile more and have a generally optimistic view of the world and life.» Just like Posha!
            We visited over 150 schools, presenting Posha’s Positively Pawsome workshop to over 50,000
            students in grades Kindergarten through fifth. As a result, they have learned how they can find their
            own identity and build self-esteem.

             Additionally, we have been invited to share Posha’s message at libraries, college campuses,
            planetariums, bookstores, book fairs, rescue societies, churches, state fairs, conferences,
            children›s hospitals, dedications and celebrations. The mission of Posha Books is simple-we want
            to inspire children to value themselves like Posha does.

            So now you have joined the exciting world of Posha, the Rescued Dog. You will be doing crucial
            and exciting work helping children discover what makes them special and who loves them. You will
            love every moment of this workshop.  Choosing to help children unleash their true potential is an
            extremely rewarding experience.  You’ll find the journey is enormously gratifying and you can take
            pride in what you are doing.

            This workshop will give you all the tools you need to present Posha’s story and relate it to
            the student(s) own personal story.  We think there will be lots of applaws when you finish the
            workshop, and everyone will go mutts!!!!

            Paws Up!              Kathy, Kelly and Posha DiMario

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