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           PosHA’s PAWsitively PAWsome ProgrAm
           table of Contents

          In this kit you will find the tools you need to complete Posha’s Pawsome
          Program for Pre-K- to 3  Grade students, all of which are downloadable.

                      Pre-engagement Activities

                   Designed to introduce Posha to your students and get students excited
                   about her and raise anticipation in the story.

                        1  Family Letter

                        2  Family Activity-Draw the family

                        3  Pawsitively Pawsome Activity Sheet for family to complete

                        4  Picture of Posha

                        5  Pre-engagement Activities

                        6  STEM Activity

                      Classroom Activities

                        1  Karaoke Lyrics for “Do You Want to Go to the Dog Park?”

                        2  “What Kind of Dog Am I?” Lesson Plan                    PowerPoint Lesson Plan
                                                                                   Book File Included in Zip File
                        3  Suggested Notes for Lesson Plan                  PowerPoint Lesson Plan
                                                                            Notes File Included in Zip File
                        4  Pawsitively Pawsome Activity Sheet

                        5  Paws Up for Me Poster

                      Wrap Up and Celebration

                        1  Pawsome Award Certificate

                        2  Digital Award Bookmark

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