Poshas Pawsitively Pawsome Program




Look at all you get for only $19.95!

1. Instruction Video
2. Welcome Letter from Kathy, Kelly and Posha DiMario.
3. Parent or Guardian Letter to introduce concepts of workshop and two pre-workshop family activities to introduce workshop concepts to families.
4. Downloadable picture of Posha.
5. Pre-Engagement Activities tied to the Core Standards can be used as fun activities by the students to really get to know Posha.
6. STEM Activity
7. Song lyrics for Karaoke to sing “I want to go to the dog park.”
8. Link for instrumental singing of Posha’s song.
9. PDF of the book for reading.
10. PowerPoint and lesson plan for group discussion
11. Pawsitively Pawsome Activity Sheet to sum up curriculum.
12. Paws Up for Me Activity Sheet
13. Pawsome Award Certificate
14. Digital Bookmark

PLEASE NOTE: Each license (purchase) is valid for one school or one family. For additional licenses please contact poshabooks@gmail.com.

This one is already on the front of the package-“Kathleen…The work that you do is commendable and admirable. Thank you for being the hero to hundreds of children who read it.” Lin-Manual Miranda, Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Grammy winning author and composer of “Hamilton”

“This is ‘pawsatively’ awesome! And to have Lin-Manuel Miranda’s endorsement is over the top! Congratulations!!! I think you have a winner here on a very needed topic for today’s children.” Dr. Rosann Bar, Dean School of Business and Social Sciences, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ

“I have taken a look and am very impressed with all that you have created! I think the material is very thorough and well thought out. I love what you have done and hope there will be more books to come! ” Florida Homeschooling Mom